Label Insight introduces SmartSPEC solution to help grocery brands participate in SmartLabel initiative

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016

Label Insight, a cloud-based product data engine, announced today the launch of SmartSPEC, a first-to-market solution that helps grocery brands generate and maintain the product data required to participate in SmartLabel, a transparency initiative led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

The goal of SmartLabel is to provide consumers with easy, instant access to detailed information about the grocery products they buy. Brands participating in SmartLabel are required to create a landing page for each product that features 52 required attributes, such as nutrients and allergens, and up to 197 voluntary attributes like "no GMO" and "no artificial preservatives." Consumers can access these pages by scanning QR codes on product packaging, visiting or searching a brand's website.

Label Insight's SmartSPEC solution utilizes the company's proprietary technology to analyze food products for each of the required SmartLabel attributes and nearly all of the voluntary attributes, as well as provide data hosting and landing page creation services. The fully automated process shortens the time needed to implement SmartLabel, taking brands as little as a few days to complete.

Label Insight CEO and co-founder Anton Xavier said: "Consumers are demanding more transparency from the brands they use and consume.

"Brands participating in SmartLabel have the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in transparency and build consumer trust and loyalty. But many brands are unsure of where and how to start. Label Insight solves this challenge with an end-to-end solution that spans data generation and maintenance to landing page creation."

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