Latest Flexible Packaging Adhesives by H.B. Fuller

Friday, Mar 20, 2015

H.B. Fuller has added two innovative products to its already extensive range of high-performance adhesives for the rapidly growing flexible packaging market. The company chose ICE Europe, staged in Munich this March, as the launching platform for Flextra Fast™ and Flextra Reseal™ flexible packaging adhesives, which have been specially formulated to keep manufacturers ahead of the game.

Elizabeth Staab, marketing manager, H.B. Fuller, explains, “The strong market trend for flexible packaging has generated great expansion opportunities for manufacturers, who can keep up with the changes in customer demand. In developing our two new flexible packaging adhesives, we have connected with the operational efficiency and sustainability drives of manufacturers, brand owners and consumers.”

Flextra Fast SFA 8700 + XR 1100 / XR 1200, H.B. Fuller’s latest solvent-free laminating adhesive systems, deliver sustainability benefits through increased efficiency. Time and costs are saved throughout the production process. The adhesive systems may be used over a wide range of substrate combinations, from general to high performance, reducing change-over times between production runs, and granting the converter increased flexibility. Line speed is increased, curing time is reduced to a day or two, slitting can start within 6-9 hours of lamination, and fast PAA decay allows food contact compliance within less than 24 hours. With its excellent optical appearance, Flextra Fast also answers the need for packaging to be attractive to consumers, and to reinforce brand credentials.

Flextra Reseal 2120, an extrusion hot melt adhesive, addresses sustainability largely by meeting consumer demand for reclosable packaging that keeps food fresh for longer and avoids waste. Manufacturers will be impressed by the products performance from the easy feedability of its granules for extrusion, and the suitability of its melt flow index for a variety of material combinations. Delivering good resealability after multiple openings, packages using Flextra Reseal 2120 keep food fresh for longer.

Elizabeth Staab concludes, “Flextra Fast and Flextra Reseal drew a lot of interest at ICE Europe from those looking for flexible packaging solutions. Visitors especially appreciated the way our new adhesives make it possible to bring together sustainability and good looks, so brand owners and consumers can enjoy packaging that’s kind to the environment and pleasing to the eye.”

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