Lifestyle Delivery Systems announces delivery of second generation packaging equipment

9 October 2017

Lifestyle Delivery Systems has delivered the second generation oral strip packaging equipment to LDS Scientific at the Adelanto facility.

The oral strips packaging equipment was cleared through customs at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, October 2, 2017. LDS Scientific made arrangements for its delivery to the Adelanto facility on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, where the equipment was un-crated and positioned in the manufacturing section of the facility where the final assembly will be completed.

The packaging equipment once assembled will be calibrated and integrated into the production process as the last step in the production of CannaStrips. Brad Eckenweiler, CEO of LDS, commented, "The arrival of this equipment represents the final piece in the production sequence of CannaStrips. The latest version of this equipment allows for additional variations in packaging as well as increased production speed."

The Company anticipates the setup and calibration to be completed early next week in preparation for the equipment's integration with the strip production equipment, which was calibrated last week using placebo material. A fully integrated production run with CannaStrips formulated material is anticipated early this month.

The Company's technology produces infused strips (similar to breath strips) that are not only a safer, healthier option to smoking, but also a new way to accurately meter the dosage and assure the purity of the product. In addition, with the entering into its management services agreements with NHMC, Inc. and CSPA Group, Inc., the Company has begun its foray into being directly involved in the growing of medicinal ingredients for, and the manufacturing of, its products.

From seed to sale, the Company's products and ingredients will be tested for quality and composition throughout the formulation and production processes, resulting in a delivery system that is safe, consistent and effective.