Linpac and Graphic Packaging develop cartons for patisserie products

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016

Food packaging specialists Linpac and Graphic Packaging have jointly developed patisserie cartons that are suitable for packaging cakes, cream buns, gateaux and pastries.

Through the partnership, Graphic Packaging has made carton board trays and bases while Linpac developed a range of compatible rPET lids.

The new patisserie cartons are available in four varieties, providing bakery customers with a complete pack solution for a better on-shelf presentation to drive sales.

Linpac Northern Europe managing director Adam Barnett said: "These four pack solutions are the result of six months' development work to ensure we have created a range which meets the needs of the bakery sector and consumers in terms of convenience, appearance and added value to products.

"Linpac leads the way in being able to deliver crystal clear rPET, such as that used for the pack lids. Bakery items should look appetising, fresh and tasty and the enhanced presentation and visibility offered by these patisserie cartons will ensure products stand out on the shelf to drive sales and return on investment."

The 'Fold Out' shallow carton board base with a tapered rPET lid can be folded out into a presentation plate whenever required and 'Theatre' pack comes with a hinged lid and wrap-around carton board base, providing excellent on-shelf appeal and a novel opening format, the companies said.

Bakery customers could benefit from increased flexibility and inventory efficiency by using the 'Multi-height' carton board nested tray. Using this nested tray with different pack depths, customers will be able to pack a variety of bakery products using the same rPET lid.

According to the companies, the 'Clip in' pack can be folded flat to minimise storage needs whilst being easy to construct at the point of sale.

Graphic Packaging marketing manager Nikki Clark said: "It has been exciting to watch designers from both companies use their specific packaging knowledge to develop such innovative solutions for the bakery market sector.

"The project has proven how unique designs can be produced when you start focussing on the beneficial properties of both pieces of packaging and how they can securely link together to form a pack."

The companies will launch the new packs at Packaging Innovations at the NEC Birmingham, the UK.

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