McDonald's introduces McBike packaging for cyclists

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

Fast food restaurant chain McDonald's has introduced a new packaging called McBike that could perch on the handlebars of a cycle and unfold into a tray.

Made of cardboard, the box is capable of carrying burger, fries and drink. The sides of the bag can be entwined together to form a hook that can be latched with the handlebar of the bicycle.

Conceived by ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina, the packaging has already made its mark in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Medellin, Colombia, according to a report by Gizmodo.

The company also has Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Tokyo in Japan on its radar for launching McBike.

Given the fact that the firm aims at introducing McBike packaging in bike-centric cities, it is not clear when the fast food restaurant giant would introduce such packaging across its outlets where bicycles are not very much in vogue.

The initiative by the company is being seen as its effort to bring to the fore a health-conscious image with a view to boosting sales that have gone south recently.

Recently, McDonald's innovation found expression in the introduction of a bag in Hungary that could turn into a tray. The packaging, made from reinforced cardboard, can be rendered into a tray by pulling a strip of paper.

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