Milacron and Consolidated Container Company jointly develop light-weight Dura-Lite containers

Friday, Nov 13, 2015

Milacron's Uniloy brand has partnered with Consolidated Container Company (CCC) to develop new Dura-Lite range of containers for dairy and water applications.

The Dura-Lite containers with radiuses, ribs, and angles are gallon and half-gallon square bottles that have been developed to cater to the increasing consumer demand for stronger and lighter-weight bottles.

These containers have been developed after multiple rounds of fill-line and consumer testing to finalize the design that is suitable for use in standard dairy/water supply chains, the company said.

CCC strategy & commercial excellence senior vice president Alex Bernhardt said: "Our customers are excited about the total solution we're creating for them -- combining the innovative Dura-Lite product design with the technical support capabilities of both CCC and Milacron, backed up by CCC's extensive network of plants."

Milacron said that the containers are made by using less amount of plastic to achieve CCC's commitment to environmental sustainability.

CCC president and CEO Sean Fallmann said: "I love the sustainability benefits of the Dura-Lite™ containers -- just another one of the many solutions we offer to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint while providing the high level of quality that they have come to expect from CCC."

The Dura-Lite containers compatible with multiple neck finishes will be available for sale starting from early 2016.

Under an agreement between CCC and Milacron, Dura-Lite containers will be available only through CCC.

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