UNITEC opens new packaging division

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015

Continue growing despite the crisis - this is what UNITEC did. An Italian company with branches in six foreign countries with technologies dedicated to over 35 types of fruit and vegetables. In 2014, its turnover almost reached €70 million, a 38% growth with respect to the previous year (€50 million).

As president Angelo Benedetti explained, "95% of it comes from abroad. We still work in Italy, but it's our market share outside the border that grew a lot."

In the past few years, Unitec opened two branches in the US, and one in France, Spain, Chile, Argentina and South Africa." The staff is Italian but we employ locals. Currently there are 310 people working for us."

The technologies developed by the company are studied specifically for each type of fruit or vegetable, so it can be sorted accurately - only perfect produce reaches final users. This leads to less waste and increased consumption.

"We are improving our technological innovations for the selection of fruit, especially apples, pears, cherries, apricots and kiwis. We want to create solutions that do not damage the fruit while sorting it." The improvement will also concern the assessment of the ripening level of the produce.

"The objective is to offer a service final consumers can appreciate so they can trust us. We see our machinery as an investment, not as a cost."

According to Angelo Benedetti, this tendency to invest is led by the Asian markets. "The countries that export the most are also the ones that invest more on sorting technologies."

As for 2015, the company says they are optimistic - they have even opened a new packaging division.



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