Munksjo revamps release and label papers for silicone coating

Friday, Jul 10, 2015

Finland-based advanced paper products firm Munksjö will is launching new additions to its lineup of release papers for silicone coating and specialty face-stock label papers, at LabelExpo Europe in Brussels, Belgium, in September.

Developed using the firm's patented technology, the supercalendered release papers, Acti-V XB, include Acti-V grades for PSA labelstock applications and Acti-V Industrial grades for double side silicone coating.

The Acti-V technology is claimed to consume lesser amount of catalyst (platinum) and energy, without compromising on strength and durability.

Munksjö will also introduce Adercote, an array of specialty papers capable of suiting the requirements of vegetable oil, wine and spirits or pharmaceutical labels.

The grease resistance, opaque papers have high printing attributes, and are suitable for both calendered as well as one-sided coated papers.

The company will also showcase recyclability of silicone coated release papers into cellulose fiber insulation (CFI), in collaboration with RecuLiner.

The recycling will enable transformation of silicone coated release paper waste into a natural, high performance material finding utility in thermal and sound insulation of buildings.

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