New Hapa 862 Delivers Unprecedented Flexibility for Packaging Printing

Thursday, Jun 04, 2015

The launch at Achema 2015 of a new generation of in-process printing solutions for packaging is set to cement Hapa AG’s reputation as the leading exponent in this field. The Hapa 862 draws on the company’s eight decades of experience in helping its customers navigate efficiently and securely through the exploding complexities of pharmaceutical packaging in an intensely regulated and increasingly globalized market.

The Hapa 862 is a modular, CMYK / spot-color inkjet printing system for the inline packaging printing of foils and labels. With its unprecedented flexibility and scalability, it eases the manufacturer’s challenges of SKU and supply-chain complexities, frequent line changeovers and evolving legislative requirements. Designed with the skill set of a packaging line operator in mind, the Hapa 862 is engineered in compliance with the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical sector and follows current best practice in machinery and software design. Scalable and modular, the printing system can be integrated with customers’ existing packaging lines in top- or stand-mounted configurations, or alternatively it can operate offline as a roll-to-roll machine.

Upcoming Track & Trace legislation in the EU and elsewhere around the globe will require each pack to be identifiable via a unique on-pack code incorporating both machine-readable and human-readable elements. The Hapa 862 provides an elegant solution to this challenge, printing artwork and variable data in a single pass at speeds up to 54 meters/minute on high-speed lines. Immediate UV-LED curing ensures the printed substrates or products are ready for onward processing.

Reflecting the need for simplicity and streamlining in pack-line operations, Hapa will launch a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) alongside the Hapa 862. Co-developed with other Coesia companies, the user interface is designed for usability and ease of integration into ERP and workflows. Destined to become the standard across Hapa’s new-generation systems, it simplifies batch set-up and minimizes training requirements in factories operating multiple lines of Hapa equipment.

James MacKenzie, Sales Director at Hapa AG, says, “The Hapa 862 really is the all-round solution for manufacturers managing multiple SKUs with frequent line-changeovers while simultaneously wrestling with the challenges of upcoming serialization legislation. With extraordinary flexibility across a range of different packaging substrates, the Hapa 862 offers excellent return on investment, allowing manufacturers to manage current production needs efficiently, while also of being easy to redeploy should requirements change in the future. High quality, accurate print is guaranteed, from the first pack to the last pack in the batch, reducing waste and rework, with a commensurate rise in key OEE metrics.”

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