OPM invests in GMG OpenColor's solutions to enhance printing capability

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

OPM (Labels & Packaging) has invested in GMG OpenColor's high-end color management software solutions in a bid to provide better quality repro and print services to customers in the packaging industry.

GMG OpenColor creates multi-channel profiles to accurately simulate print output for CMYK and spot colors.

Using GMG's solutions users can create and manage their own spot color database, reproducing specific printing conditions precisely.

OPM said that GMG OpenColor solutions can be easily integrated with Esko workflow processes, which it currently employs.

GMG OpenColor solutions are said to avoid the problem of unknown color mix when overprinting spots, by calculating profiles, reducing the time taken and the margins for error en route.

This ensures all systems use the same critical color data, the software links everything in to a centralized database, this links back to the OPM fully automated ink mixing system which shares its data with GMG.

OPM Group commercial director Susan Ellison said: "By predicting colour more accurately at proofing stage, we knew we could avoid costly errors on press.

"One of our toughest challenges was reliably communicating colour between everyone in the supply chain, from designers right through to the client's brand manager.

"But with OpenColor proofs, we get highly accurate representations of trapping and overprints - inks printed one on top of another - which just wasn't possible before. As a result, we don't have to waste materials - or time or money - committing press time before colour approval from the client."

Based in the UK, OPM is a label and flexible packaging printing company.It offers artwork, repro and print services for specialist packaging, where clients demand high quality and costs must be kept to a minimum.

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