Packsize presents a new system for making customized boxes

18 October 2018

On the occasion of the Pack Expo in Chicago, Packsize first introduced to the public the new M1 ™ On Demand Packaging ® system, a robust and responsive technology characterized by speed, flexibility and reliability. Developed on the platform of the Pack Size Global Modular Architecture and built, and using the PackNet ® -Produktions- and optimization software, the M1 ™ system ultramodern On Demand Packaging offers ® functionality for packaging processes with the highest demands on the variety of carton types and sizes.

Companies involved in the shipment of goods whose carton shapes and sizes must vary widely can now significantly increase the efficiency of their packaging processes. The design of the M1 ™ draws on Packsize's years of experience in producing custom corrugated cardboard boxes in the industry.

Next Generation Technology Solution Offers Latest On Demand Packaging® Efficiency With These Features:

  • A multi-row corrugated cardboard feeder increases productivity and flexibility with careful use of materials by simultaneously using four to eight stacks via a two-rail system;
  • Unrivaled functionality allows printing of high-resolution barcodes, logos, security symbols, and the like. during cartonboard production;
  • A patented multi-axis design houses both the print head and the cutting and folding tools. It reduces cardboard recycling in favor of faster production cycles;
  • Packsize's Global Modular Architecture creates Industry 4.0 compatibility and sets new standards for system longevity and machine reliability.
  • PackNet ® software enables packaging personnel to prioritize order processing, develop workflows, manage a full fleet of machines, integrate existing ERP and WMS systems, and generate comprehensive analytics and reports with a novel intuitive user interface.

The modular design of the M1 ™ follows the global trend towards the smart factory, providing exceptional reliability, performance and efficiency for any type of manufacturing company - with consistently high machine uptime, low energy consumption and efficient material use.