Panther Packaging installs new folder gluer at its Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik mill in Germany

30 July 2018

Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik had received a new folder gluer, whose tasks include satisfying the sustained demand from customers in the Internet mail-order retail business. This doubles the plant’s capacities in this segment to produce packagings with an automatic base, self-adhesive closure and tear tape.

As was already the case in the sister companies WS Coswiger Wellpappe- und Papierverarbeitung and Südwestkarton, this means Panther is also equipped at Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik to satisfy the demand for these corrugated board packages quickly and efficiently. Because Internet retail logistics attaches great importance to high speed at the same time as easy handling and customer-friendly return solutions, these pre-glued packages in various sizes are the ideal accompaniments for this growth sector.

The new folder gluer can produce a spectrum from very small to very large packages. Optionally, two self-adhesive strips and one tear tape can be applied in a single operation. This means the boxes fulfil two absolutely essential requirements: pre-glued bases and use of the first self-adhesive strip to close the lids considerably reduce handling costs. The tear tape allows the customer to open the package conveniently, and the second adhesive strip is used if the consumer returns the goods he or she ordered online.

Actual examples of packaging that can be produced on the machine include shipping cases for e commerce and, for shipping diaries/calendars or books, folding boxes with an automatic base and erecting lid.

The machine’s technical features include straight line gluing and three, four or six-point gluing options. Various devices for fast, easy setup ensure a high level of production and workplace safety.