Quadpack launches new dosage-control dropper

1 May 2015

Cosmetics packaging company Quadpack has launched a new dropper that offers dosage of the perfect amount and is controlled by a Yonwoo 15ml dropper tube.

The tube has been developed in a way to allow just a single drop to fall on the customer's fingertip, which helps in application to a local area.

The accurate drop size is maintained with a suck-back system. If any liquid is not actuated, the dropper automatically sucks it back into the tube which makes it ideal for products such as oils and liquid serums used for skin care and hair care treatments.

The interior of the dropper tube features a Luxefoil layer that helps protect the product from light, gas and moisture, making it impermeable to organic and chemical substances.

The PCTA pipette and transparent PETG screw cap helps in plugging the pipette's tip when closed.

Quadpack will introduce the tube in two diameters of 19mm (5-20ml) and 22mm (10-35ml) in Yonwoo's patented Check Valve to prevent back-flow contamination.

A distinguishable brand look can be given to the products due to decoration techniques such as screen-printing, hot-stamping, color-matching and metallising.

The concept was originally used by Korean cosmetics brand Mamonde for its Age Control Camelia Oil, following which Quadpack introduced it to the markets in Europe and Australasia.