Ravenwood Packaging based in Bury St. Edmunds ahead in the 'skinny' labelling

Thursday, Apr 09, 2015

Ravenwood Packaging, based in Eastern Way, Bury St Edmunds, staged the event at the town’s Abbeygate Picturehouse cinema, bringing together 40 experts from around the world including Europe, the United States and Australia.

The event followed on from the Pro2Pac 2015 exhibition at Excel in London at which the company showcased its linerless labelling techniques.

Linerless, or skinny, labels are gaining in popularity because the absence of backing paper, which has to be peeled off traditional self-adhesive labels, reduces transport costs, makes the labelling process efficient and reduces waste.

Ravenwood Packaging’s managing director, Paul Beamish, saod: “Backingless or skinny labels are winning new followers across the globe as companies worldwide accept the idea that ‘less is more.’

“We are looking at new ideas and concepts for the future. What started as a simple concept is now a major force in packaging and we are looking at ways of adapting the technology to answer other packaging challenges.

“The fact that over 40 world delegates are here with us talking these issues through in the UK is a sign of how pivotal we are in this field.

“We are leading this changing technology with the help of other experts from around the world,” added Mr Beamish.

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