Reynders ties up with ScanTrust for secure labeling technology

Friday, Jun 19, 2015

Belgium-based label producer Reynders has joined hands with Swiss secure graphics provider ScanTrust to develop a technology for a label that cannot be copied but authenticate through a mobile app.

With a view to guarding a product's authenticity and upholding customer trust, Reynders aimed at surpassing the protection offered by a hologram or printed code or any complex label that could be copied or removed for counterfeiting.

In its bid to devise a more cost-effective than traditional anti-counterfeiting solutions, the duo has coupled QR code technology with their label printing and data management expertise to keep attempts of counterfeits at bay. It can also be put in place with existing workflow offering a scalable and a cost-effective solution.

Reynders CEO Marc Reynders said: "Our solution doesn't stop at protecting your product and brand... although that is obviously a - or perhaps the - major benefit right now.

"Just think of registered users, who can access additional information on your product after a simple scan. The data you gather as brand owner could provide highly valuable information on their consumption patterns. You can give them more relevant information based on their profile and history. With ScanTrust-Reynders, you get plenty of new marketing and communication possibilities - all on your label."

The new code with a unique identifier is composed of pixels capable of offering resistance to copying, without compromising its properties that could be spotted with a smartphone.

This apart, a page offering additional information about the product also pops out post-scanning.

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