Rhinelander City Council approves Parcel Change for Advanced Barrier Extrusions(ABX) Expansion

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

A Rhinelander manufacturer Advanced Barrier Extrusions is expanding, but the city council had to do some lot clarification last night to keep things legal.

A survey found that the company had planned it's expansion onto some property owned by the city and county. Interim City Administrator Phil Parkinson says the city had to sign off on transfering about 60 feet of property to ABX. He says because the city used state funds to put in a rail spur on part of the parcel, the city and county had to retain that portion of the 100 foot lot. By law, certain state funds can't be used on private property.

With no objection, the council transfered the property to ABX, and retained the rail spur portion.  

ABX is located near the airport on the city's west side. They're a  a custom cast film manufacturer  used mainly for food packaging.

On another topic, the council also approved an expansion by People's State Bank. The bank purchased a home next door and will make a larger parking area.

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