Richmond Community College partners with Global Packaging

Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

Richmond Community College has partnered with Global Packaging to provide more than $36,000 in customized training for the company’s employees.

Developed by RCC’s Director of Customized Training Lee Eller, the program coincides with a recent $9.8 million upgrade at Global Packaging’s plant in Hamlet that included the purchase of a new multi-layer extrusion machine, which will increase production runs. As part of the program, Global Packaging workers will be trained on use and maintenance of the new machine.

“Richmond Community College has been a very good partner to us, as well as Richmond County Manager Rick Sago,” said Global Packaging General Manager Kevin Stephens, adding the expansion project has progressed smoothly because of these partnerships.

The recent expansion is expected to create 33 new jobs over the next three years, which will more than double Global Packaging’s current workforce.

Richmond Community College President Dr. Dale McInnis said the College is proud of its role in economic development, which includes educating the workforce, as well as helping to secure funding for specialized training. The $36,000 program being implemented for Global Packaging is being paid for by the North Carolina Community College System, which has money budgeted for customized training for business and industry.

“I believe the most important role of the college system is educating the community’s workforce,” McInnis said. “And anytime we can get money from the state to assist our local industries, we will continue to do so.”

In 2014, Richmond Community College provided more than $125,000 of state-funded customized industrial training to 1,236 employees at 13 Richmond and Scotland County companies.

Global Packaging is based in Oaks, Pa., and prints high quality graphics on a variety of film-based materials and converts them into bags or roll stock products including personal care and diaper bags, towel and tissue applications, bakery products and frozen food overwrap.

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