Romanian Converter Romprix installed Second GIDUE M5 Digital Flexo™ Press

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

GIDUE is proud to announce that, thanks to the cooperation of its certified Romanian distributor Printman, the second GIDUE M5 Digital Flexo™ printing machine has been installed in the Headquarters of the Romanian converter Romprix.

Founded in 1994, Romprix is a big company based in Bucharest that is specialized in the production of self-adhesive labels for many different reference markets. During its 20-years of experience in the Labels&Packaging industry, Romprix has gained great popularity also as importer and distributor of market codes, pricemarkers and sequential labellersfor its national market. The strong and efficient network of sales agents built during the years has let Romprix excel as one of the major players in the general Romanian overview of label converters.

The cooperation with GIDUE started at the beginning of 2013 with the installation of the first M5 Digital Flexo™ press 370mm. The M5 Digital Flexo™ press is equipped with 8 UV flexo print units, 2 die-cutting stations and the advanced HD Camera Technology (Print Tutor™) on each print unit. This technology checks the color consistency of each printed label and “self-adjusts” print pressure, density and print register thanks to the use of 7 servo driven motors on each unit. The machine set-up is fully automated, print quality is monitored and adjusted at any manufacturing speed, across a full range of substrates.

This purchase has been a great turn-point for Romprix that, until that moment, was used to print mainly on Flexo and Digital Presses. The introduction of the first GIDUE UV Flexo press has demonstrate the power of the “modern Flexo” that can surely compete on print quality with conventional and digital Press.

The positive and profitable results achieved with the installation of the first press have been fundamental aspects in the decision of investing again in GIDUE Technology: indeed, It is in early 2014 when they decided to purchase another GIDUE M5 Digital Flexo™ press, just  installed in their production site in Bucharest.  This machine presents the same configuration of the first one, a part from the additional QN3 technology that will make them able to produce also 3 layers coupon-labels in-line.

“In Romprix  we share a common mission that is the constant research of advanced technologies that can ensure high-quality in production and service to all our customers. We see quality products as the best form of respect for our customers. Now that we are working with GIDUE technology, I’m happy to affirm that it is perfectly in-line with our needs and that, thanks to its ease of operations, it can let us better and faster face customers’ demand.” commented Cristian Dobrota, Director of Romprix.

Mihai Cobianu, Director of Printman, commented: ”With this investment, definitely Romprix is becoming one of the major players on the label market in Romania. For us this second installation is a proof that the print quality and the entire sets of  innovations brought buy Gidue M5 are the right choice for a successful label converter”

Giorgio Deliziosi, Sales Area Manager of GIDUE, concluded: “ This latest installation of Romprix is an further confirmation that GIDUE technologies are going in the right way. They keep on demonstrating globally that they are the best solution for any converter worldwide, since they have been developed to make the print process easy and accessible for all kind of operators, always providing a consistent high-quality in printing on unlimited  substrates.”

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