RPC launches new system for seafood packaging

Saturday, Oct 31, 2015

RPC Bebo Kristiansand - Food Packaging Systems, a unit of RPC Group, has launched a new packing system to improve logistical and sustainable benefits in seafood packaging.

The new system including lightweight trays, sealing film and tray lidding machines will be able to pack a wide portfolio of seafood products ranging from fish fillets to shellfish.

It employs modified atmosphere packing (MAP) technique to prolong the shelf life of the seafood products, the company said.

RPC Bebo Kristiansand sales and marketing director Espen Eggerdink said: "We believe this new system offers seafood processors an ideal solution in terms of delivering quality, freshness and convenience to their end customers."

Available in various sizes, the thermoformed HDPE trays are designed in such a way to prevent discolouration of the fish when used along with plastic layer pads.

RPC Bebo said that fishes packed in these trays will have extended shelf life of 10-12 days without using ice.

The fully stackable trays can be transported with other products, including dry goods, as their leak-proof construction prevents salt water from seeping out.

RPC Barrier Containers, also a unit of RPC Group, recently launched a new casserole-styled thermoformed barrier plastic tray for French ready meal producer Gendreau Group and its subsidiary VIF.

The dual coloured trays have been designed with a red exterior and a black interior and will have an extended ambient shelf life of 12 months. The trays have a capacity of 350g to provide a larger family-size portion.

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