Sabert Corporation to Acquire North Carolina’s Kalman Packaging

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

The global food service packaging manufacturer, Sabert Corporation,  headquartered in New Jersey, just concluded negotiations to acquire a North Carolina- based company, Kalman Packaging Inc.

The latter is a producer of thermo-formed plastic hinged food containers, catering to the confectionary/supermarket sector.

Under the vast umbrella of the ever-burgeoning food industry, Sabert Corporation adheres to its objective of zeroing in on sectors with potential that can avail their food packaging products and solutions. Thus, they identified Bakery as that sector due to its perpetual growth and conduciveness to the development of new packaging solutions.
“With the acquisition of Kalman, Sabert will be able to provide new innovation and versatile packages designed specifically for pies, cupcakes, muffins, and other bakery foods,” said Dan Kalmanides, owner and president of Kalman Packaging.

The impending transaction is expected to add profound value to Sabert’s portfolio and also give way to novel opportunities for widening the company’s reach and efficiently serving clients.

John Healey, Sabert’s North America president said, “We are delighted to announce this acquisition, which is consistent with our company’s mission to enhance and advance the way people enjoy food.”

Sabert has exhibited a rapid growth in the private business sector and is incessantly seeking potential opportunities to invest in for the sole purpose of advancing product development and innovation.


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