Sadico, Vietnam speeds up woven bag production with new converTex SLC 120

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BSW MACHINERY, subsidiary of Windmöller & Hölscher, has successfully installed and commissioned another high-speed woven bag conversion machine converTex SLC in Vietnam. This converTex is the fastest PP block bottom valve bag conversion machine available in the market. It allows production rates of 120 AD proTex bags per minute.

Sadico, located in Can Tho in the south of Vietnam, is a well-established and recognized manufacturer of woven Polypropylene sacks. A core product in Sadico’s portfolio is the ce-ment sack made of woven PP. Sadico is an important supplier to prominent local and inter-national cement companies in Vietnam.

In order to introduce a more sustainable solution for packaging, Sadico introduced the AD proTex bag design to the major cement manufacturers. This sack design is a superior alter-native for the presently used sewn-type 3-ply and 2-ply sack, made from a combination of paper and woven PP.

With the newly installed converTex SLC Sadico is able to produce both single ply AD proTex sacks as well as 2-ply AD proTex sacks and fulfills the substantial requirements on cement sacks in the Vietnamese market. The AD proTex sack will not only allow lighter bags and reduced material consumption but will also avoid sewing or gluing of the sack with adhesives. The W&H patent allows Sadico to seal a block-bottom valve sack with the usage of hot air instead! This results in a very sustainable sack production with no sacrifice on sack quality and strength.

“The installation and start-up of the machine was much easier and faster than we expected” says Chairman and General Director Mr. Nguyen Phu Tho, adding that “…it was nearly a plug-and-play process – within no time we were able to produce the sacks for our customers. This was the result of the excellent team work between Sadico and BSW engineers.”

“We are permanently running at full speed with the converTex, and all that with the usage of locally available resins and raw materials” adds Vice General Director Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong: “The responses from our clients are very positive, and so is our outlook.” Sadico was able to convince their customers of this new sack design through intense trials and research. All this was supported by local representative Mr. Le Ngoc Anh from Rieckermann together with the BSW Asia Pacific team Mr. Rene Winkler and Mr. Till Martens.

“Through the excellent support from the local sales team we were able to convince our cus-tomers to change to the AD proTex sack even faster”, says Mr. Nguyen Phu Tho, “and this upgrade of our production line is certainly bringing us on a new quality and efficiency level”. Together with the converTex Sadico also invested in the extrusion coating line ecoTex 1600L and advanTex circular weaving looms. “Altogether, we are very satisfied with the perfor-mance and the operations of the equipment supplied by BSW”.

The converTex SLC is the newest development in a long standing tradition of bottomer man-ufacturing. Since Windmöller & Hölscher engineered the first converTex back in 1994 about 300 machines have been installed worldwide. While the first machine generation was able to reach a production rate of up to 30 bags per minute, the new SLC is now capable of producing 120 bags per minute. The machine is ideal for the Asian market, suitable to pro-duce both 1 ply and 2 ply sacks including the use of paper or film inner liners.

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