Sagada LGU passes measure on use of biodegradable packaging materials

Monday, Oct 12, 2015

The Sangguniang Bayan here  has enacted  an ordinance enacted promulgating the use of biodegradable packaging materials and techniques as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and regulating the use, sale and disposal of non-biodegradable materials including but not limited to plastics, styrofoam and aluminum foil in the municipality, and prescribing penalties.

This ordinance shall cover the 19 barangays of the municipality and shall also apply to incoming travelling merchants and visitors.

All commercial establishments/enterprises engaged in the sale of goods to consumers are encouraged  to display conspicuously in their establishments, advisory for buyers to bring their own recyclable or reusable bags.

It is provided in this ordinance that commercial establishments/enterprises dealing on wet goods shall use plastic bags as primary packaging materials. The use of plastic bags as secondary packaging shall be strictly prohibited.

The ordinance prohibits styrofoam, foil and other similar materials with non-biodegradable component as containers for food, produce and other products.

The sale of plastic bags shall be regulated to cover only plastic packaging materials on wet goods, permissible bags and only those of which strictly require secondary packaging materials.

Under this ordinance, commercial establishments/enterprises or individuals are prohibited from selling and providing plastic bags to customers as secondary packaging materials on wet goods, and to consumers as packaging materials on dry goods; selling and providing Styrofoam and other similar materials with non-biodegradable components as containers; disposing non-segregated wastes; and disposing of unwashed and not dried wastes at the recovery facility.

Disposal of plastic and other non-biodegradable wastes shall be in compliance to the provision of Municipal Ordinance No. 1 -2003 or an ordinance regulating the disposal of garbage in the municipality, and Municipal Ordinance No. 05 – 1999 also known as an ordinance prohibiting littering in the municipality of Sagada.  

Non-compliance with the provisions of this ordinance by any commercial establishment/enterprise and or individuals shall be have corresponding fines fined and pay the amount of P1,000.00 to the municipal treasurer for the first offense, P1,500.00 for the second offense, P2,500.00 and suspension of business permit for three months for the third offense, and suspension and non-renewal of business permit for habitual offenders.

Any erring commercial establishment/enterprise shall be given 15 days after each offense to comply with this ordinance after due notice had been served shall constitute the next provided offense.

A  multi sectoral monitoring team shall be created to monitor the proper implementation of the measure.

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