Sanner launches packaging solution for effervescent tablets

Monday, Mar 23, 2015

Germany-based plastic packaging company Sanner has developed Brilliance, a new packaging solution for effervescent tablets.

Sanner specializes in manufacturing plastic packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products.

While the new packaging promises to offer photorealistic printing and a wide range of design options to customers, patients benefit from the easy handling.

Owing to a convenience closure like the FOG from Sanner, the tubes remain tightly closed which protects tablets from light and moisture.

The drugs remain inside their package, which prevent them from getting damaged during transportation.

Apart from tablet protection, the company has also focused on enhancing the visual appeal. The IML tubes come in around eight colors and metallic effects are available. The shock-proof and scratch-resistant material of the packaging makes it durable.

Sanner CEO Holger Frank said: "After the market launch we have already delivered the first Brilliance® Tubes with the proven Sanner closures as complete solutions. That way, customers can optimize their supply chains and make their daily work easier."

Brilliance is also GMP-compliant and the company has complied with the highest hygiene standards.

The tube base's patented geometry ensures high safety throughout the entire filling and packaging process.

"Sanner customers receive everything from a single source - from the procurement of printed labels and manufacturing of decorated tubes to the delivery as system solution. If a customer wants the tubes to be child-resistant, we also have a solution to offer," added Frank.

The design also allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to convey their sales messages through ideal motif, by conveying emotions without many words.

Brilliance also offers excellent readability of the labels which provides more room for product information, even on a small surface and with small fonts.

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