Sidel launches new blower for PET bottle production

Friday, Nov 06, 2015

Switzerland-based PET products developer Sidel has launched a new PET blowing solution, which will replace hot oil with electrical heat resistance (eHR) to heat the mould for the PET bottle body.

The new Sidel Matrix blower eHR creates a temperature increase three times quicker than traditional heating by oil and minimizes temperature discrepancies between different blowing stations to provide same thermal conditioning for all bottles produced.

It comes with an advanced blowing valve that is combined with the mechanical blow nozzle system, electrical stretching and automation to better control the blowing curve.

The electrical stretching will eliminate the need for lubrication above the neck of the bottle, thus removing the risk of contamination.

Using Sidel Matrix blower the mechanical output will be increased by up to 2,000 bottles per hour per mould representing a speed improvement of more than 10% compared to previous generation of Sidel HR blowers, the company said.

The Sidel Matrix blower eHR prevents hazards caused by leakages, while saving energy consumption by up to 45%.

Sidel blowing product management director Damien Fournier said: "Sidel has been a central player in the hotfill segment of the beverages market ever since the introduction of the blow moulding HR PET process in 1986 and Sidel Matrix eHR provides unique operational benefits to beverage producers."

The machine's probes are directly located in each mould shell to closely regulate the temperature to the PET bottle as it is formed.

It is integrated into the Sidel Matrix Combi Hot Fill, which has electronic filling valves, equipped with individual flow meters for accurate volume dispensing with minimal wastage.

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