Skanem Interlabels India deploys Esko’s software tools

6 October 2017

Skanem Interlabels India has deployed Esko’s ArtPro and Automation Engine software solutions at its Vasai facility, as part of its digitalization strategy.

The company has implemented the software solutions to support a fleet of flexo, letterpress and digital presses, helping to improve production quality and quantity.

Skanem has also decided to extend prepress support to the Baddi plant in North India and the Guwahati plant in North-eastern India.

With the support of Esko viewer, the ArtPro allows an operator to view and compare separations similar to the inspection at final stages.

The separation files can be seen in high resolution, helping to reduce the risk of wasted proofs, plates and press downtime.

Esko’s Automation Engine allows to streamline the total file management process and automated job tracking and prepress functions in a common workflow across letterpress, flexo and digital presses.

It helps users to pre-set and automate repetitive tasks and decision making within the workflow to decrease operator interventions and errors.

Through using Esko’s Automation Engine, Skanem will automate tasks such as pre-flight, trapping, generating proofs, creating reports and adding colour marks.

Skanem Interlabels India operations director Kamal Sharma said: “ArtPro is a quality control tool that helps packaging and label professionals by detecting potential problems at an early stage.

“Any element in the artwork that doesn't meet the requirements is highlighted, enabling the operator to quickly find and fix it before sending for print.”

Skanem, which produces self-adhesive labels, has 13 production facilities in nine countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.