Sonoco expands products suite with three new solutions

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Sonoco has expanded its products suite with the launch of three solutions at the Spring Adhesives and Sealant Council (ASC) Expo, in New Orleans, North America.

Sonoco will present the RiteSize Caulk Cartridge, RainGuard™ weather-resistant fiber cartridge and SealMax 2-ply label to industry leaders.

For caulk users or DIYers who want a convenient tool for small projects, the RiteSize Caulk Cartridge provides a caulking system that is easier to use and less messy. RiteSize packaging benefits include superior graphics, an easy-to-open package, no tools required, a pre-cut nozzle, an easy dispenser to use in tight spaces and a less forceful trigger. As a smaller cartridge and gun offering, RiteSize also reduces product waste, a "must" for today's consumer.

"With the increasing growth of do-it-yourselfers in today's marketplace, the Right Size Caulk Cartridge is a great option for self-motivated homeowners," said Jeff DiPasquale, Sonoco division vice president and global manager, Global Plastics. "It's simple, convenient and easy to use, making it ideal for small projects, whether you are a first-timer or an experienced professional. We see this as a very promising market with upside growth potential."

RainGuard presents a new fiber-based weather-resistant caulk and sealant packaging solution. RainGuard replaces the caulk cartridges typically thrown in the back of a truck mid-construction that are costly and wasteful for contractors. The fiber cartridge can survive outdoor conditions without package damage or loss of gun-ability. Customers can expect a package that resists inclement weather with no effect on cartridge performance.

The SealMax 2-ply label offering increases the opportunity to share important information, present special promotions, or meet industry regulations for product identification. With up to three times the amount of printable surface area, you can display additional information in the same amount of space as standard label choices. Your customers can peel back the resealable tab to view the product information and reclose it for continued access to your information.

The ASC Expo is the largest gathering of adhesive and sealant professionals in North America and includes industry leaders from all levels and departments of large and small adhesive and sealant manufacturer and supplier companies worldwide.


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