Storopack introduces new foam padding system FOAMplus Bagpacker²

Thursday, Oct 01, 2015

Protective packaging specialist Storopack has introduced a new foam padding system FOAMplus Bagpacker² for the protection of sensitive goods of any size during shipping.

The new FOAMplus Bagpacker² is an improved version of FOAMplus Bagpacker packaging system and it is suitable for three different film sizes: 47 cm, 45/15 cm and 60/15 cm.

This easy to operate foam padding system comes with a modern electric drive, unlike the existing model that includes hydraulics unit. It improves the quality of bag closing and ensures that foam and product are reliably separated, the company said.

The Bagpacker² foam padding bags are produced using the Foam-in-Bag system, in which a machine developed by Storopack fills the bag with foam.

Storopack's FOAMplus foam pads form around the packaged goods to prevent any damage during shipping.

The FOAMplus Bagpacker² has the capacity to produce up to 23 foam padding bags per minute.

The machine offers barcodes and programmable bag sequences to ensure a reliable process.

Available as a table version or a separate unit, the height-adjustable machine with a 10-inch display can either be installed as a standalone machine or integrated into other systems inline above a conveyor.

Storopack has launched FOAMplus Bagpacker² for small companies as well as medium and large mail order firms that send products of various sizes such as valves, pumps, measuring equipment and medical devices.

The company also recently introduced PAPERplus Papillon that transforms layers of paper into protective pads for small and medium-sized parcels.

The PAPERplus Papillon with automatic, on-demand and manual operating modes can run at a maximum speed of 40m per minute.

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