Toyobo, Trias to establish two packaging JVs in Indonesia

8 August 2017

Toyobo, a Japanese maker of fibers and textiles, has agreed to set up two joint venture (JV) firms with Indonesian flexible packaging film maker PT. Trias Sentosa to manufacture and sell its transparent vapor-deposited film ECOSYAR and polyester films for packaging in Indonesia.

Due to rising global eco-consciousness, increasing awareness about food safety and heightened demand for extending expiration dates, the global barrier films market is projected to grow.

Toyobo has been studying ways to market its ECOSYAR product overseas. The move forms part of the company’s strategy to look beyond its home market and meet growing demand in the Southeast Asia region.

Under the partnership with Trias, Toyobo will establish PT. TOYOBO TRIAS ECOSYAR (TTE) and PT. TRIAS TOYOBO ASTRIA (TTA).

TTE will use Trias’ production infrastructure to manufacture ECOSYAR, while Toyobo will sell the product in Japan and the rest of the world. Trias will sell ECOSYAR in Indonesia.

TTA will manufacture polyester films for packaging, while providing TTE with original polyester films for ECOSYAR. In addition, the company will supply these products to Toyobo and Trias.

In TTE joint venture Trias and Toyobo will hold 40% and 60% respectively, while in TTA Trias and Toyobo will hold 60% and 40% respectively.

Both the joint ventures will be located at Trias sites. TTA is slated to begin operations from October 2019 while TTE will start operations from November 2019.

ECOSYAR is made by depositing two kinds of vapored ceramics, silica and alumina, to be coated on a nylon or polyester film. Compared to ordinary packaging films, ECOSYAR has a higher gas barrier performance of about 100 times.