TrakRap partners with Endoline to deliver end of line packaging

Thursday, Feb 05, 2015

TrakRap has formed an alliance with end-of-line packaging machines and systems manufacturer Endoline to offer a complete end of line packaging solution to manufacturers and retailers.

The partnership will combine Endoline's automatic glue/tray erector, robotic or cartesian pick and place case loading devices, an automatic random case sealer with TrakRap's sustainable wrapping system.

A single project manager will manage all installations, TrakRap said.

TrakRap CEO Martin Leeming said: "Our customers are asking for a one-stop-shop for their secondary packaging that deliver the latest low cost, environmentally friendly, retail ready packaging solutions in a joined up way. Our partnership with Endoline is big step towards this."

TrakRap system utilises 100% recyclable polymer film to wrap products and bond the pack together.

It uses 90% less energy when compared to traditional shrink wrapping, which will allow manufacturing appropriate products for packaging ambient, chilled, frozen or volatile products.

Developed with TrakRap's own approved corrugate suppliers, Innovative TrakRap trays claim to use about 40% less cartonboard, resulting in lighter weight, 100% recyclable retail ready packaging for retailers.



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