Turkish packaging maker Sarten Ambalaj eyes new Turkish packaging plant

Thursday, Feb 12, 2015

Turkish packaging maker Sarten Ambalaj has unveiled plans to set up a new production facility in Adana, in the country’s southern part. The company is also aiming to introduce a wide range of plastic packaging products this year, reports local business daily Dünya.

The plans were announced by Zeki Sar?bekir, the firm’s chief executive, who said that Sarten Ambalaj processes about 14,000 tonnes of plastics per year. In 2014, the company posted revenues of $350m (€309m).

The firm’s product portfolio includes various packaging products made with the use of metals and plastic, including PET and PE. Sarten Ambalaj makes containers, buckets, boxes, cans and plastic caps. About 50% of the manufacturer’s output is supplied to the food industry, while the industrial packaging and cosmetics sectors each represent a further 25% of the total production.

The amount of the planned investment was not disclosed by the firm.

In addition to the Turkish market, where Sarten Ambalaj operates factories in Silivri, Çorlu, Gebze, Gemlik, Karacabey, Ayvanlik, Petpak, Manisa and Adana, the company owns plants in Pleven, in nothern Bulgaria, and in Nevinnomyssk, Russia. The factories are operated by an aggregate workforce of 2,650 employees. Sarten Ambalaj generates 25% of its revenues from exports, and has subsidiaries in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Syria.



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