Ulma Packaging introduces VTC 740 vertical flowrapper

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015

Packaging machinery company Ulma Packaging has expanded its product range with the introduction of a new vertical flowrapper.

The new VTC 740 vertical packaging machine is an improved version of vertical wrappers under the VTC 700 range.

This flexible and robust wrapper with new systems is claimed to reduce downtime to a minimum, while ensuring speedy delivery of products to market.

Ulma's fully sealed VTC 740 comes with a printed film sensor and an operator panel option with frequently used functions in one touch screen and a centralized greasing system.

The flowrapper that allows easy change over for the cross seal and vertical jaw is capable of producing close to 140 packs per minute. It can be easily cleaned and maintained.

It can be supplied in various formats based on the different material types currently used in the market, the company said.

Ulma Packaging UK managing director Chris Pickles said: "We are a leader with wrapping solutions that can help companies optimize their packaging to combat consumer food waste and improve pack presentation.

"The VTC 740 includes new systems that can help boost productivity for food processors by reducing format changing times and cleaning regimes."

Last year, ULMA Packaging developed new TFS Thermoformers, which are designed to fit around products like their second skin to extend their shelf life.

The company also offers other packaging solutions like vacuum bags to extend shelf life, packs with modified atmosphere (MAP), skin packs designed to follow the shape of the food, shrink pack for different-shaped products and packs to match the shape of an item.

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