US bottler selects Sacmi labeling technology

23 September 2016

Sacmi has agreed to provide its labeling technology to the undisclosed US multinational firm, which produces several soft drink brands.

Under the deal, Sacmi will supply two Opera 300 24T labelers to the US bottler to install at its major facility that will produce different soft drink brands.

The US multinational already installed several Sacmi solutions for effective operations.

With user-friendliness and enhanced design features, the Opera 300 24T labelers hold capacity to handle 30,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour

The two labelers have been installed with the automatic reel splicing system for smooth and downtime-free operation.

According to the company, the labelers comply with the American multinational’s policies concerning the mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical standards.

In September, professional anti-rust and decorative spray devices producer Rust-Oleum has selected Sacmi labeling technology for use in its production lines.

Sacmi provided its Opera 400 26T modular labeler, which is equipped with in-line quality control systems.

Opera 400 26T includes two different modules, of which one module features roll-fed technology and developed for the application of labels

In April, Sacmi unveiled new range of Kube modular labelling machines at the Enolitech 2016 in Verona, Italy.

The new Kube labelling machines have been developed to meet the needs of winemakers.


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