Vale da Rosa to invest 700 thousand euros in modernization of facilities

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016

At cruising speed in the preparation of the 2016 season, Vale da Rosa will once again invest in the modernization of the facilities dedicated to the table grape packaging. We have projected the installation of the weighing MARCO system in 100 percent of the pack house lines, the acquisition of another thermo sealing machine, one more flow pack machine, and the restructuring of the whole cooling system in the area where the grapes are prepared. A total investment of more than 700 thousand euros.

Aware of the growing demand for packaged products, Vale da Rosa is preparing to respond effectively to the customer demands during the season ahead.

Following the investments made in 2015, with the introduction of weighing MARCO system in the packaging lines and, given the excellent results in terms of productivity, the same technology will be applied to the entire pack house contributing to greater profitability of the processes.

We are also going to make improvements in the working lines system allowing greater flexibility as well as the optimization of procedures.

The investment also extends to the restructuring of the whole cooling system in the packaging facility that will allow a reduction of the total area temperature to about 12 degrees centigrade, thereby ensuring a significant improvement in the operating conditions of the grape.

To respond more effectively to the increasingly demand of packaged products two new packaging machines will be acquired, one for thermo sealed film (for seedless grapes) and another for packaging in flow pack (for seeded grapes). With the introduction of this new equipment with the latest technology, the installed production capacity will triple in the 2016 season.

All these innovations and improvements comply an investment of more 700 thousand euros, only in the pack house area.


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