Wallopwear to supply polymer foam products to Cisco

Friday, Oct 23, 2015

Polymer foam technology provider Wallopwear has reached a strategic partnership with bulk chemical distribution and manufacturing company Cisco.

As part of this partnership, Wallopwear will provide energy dissipation materials and customizable silicone foam products to Cisco customers across the globe.

Wallopwear's polymer foam technology with resistance to extreme temperatures and moisture is suitable for packaging applications, as well as for aviation, construction, industrial and marine applications.

The company employs a technology developed at Purdue University to resolve performance deficiencies exhibited by traditional fabricated polymer foam products.

Wallopwear CEO Andrew Boyland said: "Among other properties, our engineered energy dissipation materials are able to synergistically absorb impact and dissipate energy across a wide spectrum, whereas conventional foams do not.

"In short, our product provides the ultimate safety and protection."

Cisco executive vice president Keith Beaucamp said: "Wallopwear's new REVSIL product line of revolutionary materials may be custom designed and engineered specifically to our customers' specifications and functions.

"We look forward to providing our clients with the unmatched durability, resilience, and overall level of performance of Wallopwear's REVSIL products."

Wallopwear customizes the physical properties of its material based on customers' needs by altering the processing, microstructure and composition of the material.

The company's material is said to perform better than traditional polymer products by resolving many of the critical performance deficiencies exhibited by current polymer technology.

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