Wipak UK develops new laser-scored bags for dried foods

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017

Flexible films manufacturer Wipak UK has introduced new range of bags with a laser-scored opening for packing dried foods.

The new range, which incorporates an easy-open feature to enhance consumer convenience, is developed to meet to the increasing demand for quick, convenient and easy-to-use packaging solutions for food industry.

Additional features of the packaging include a laser-scored pinch ‘n’ pull opening designed to significantly increase pack functionality.

Wipak said that the laser-scored opening has been incorporated into a range of formats, including a Stabilo bag, pillow bag and a quad pack pouch.

Wipak UK sales manager Wayne Hallsworth said: “Product development is essential to improving consumer convenience and, in an increasingly competitive market, food manufacturers need to be innovative to stand out on the shelf

“In response, we’ve developed a range of packs with a new, user-friendly opening which is safe, convenient and easy to open thanks to our specialist contour laser-scoring technology.

“The range’s pinch ‘n’ pull opening eliminates the need for scissors, is neat and tidy and, unlike traditional packs which rip and tear when opened, ensures there’s no product spillage.”

The UK-based firm said that each pack in the range can be reclosed using an adhesive label. It also maintains brand identity throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Using laser technology, Wipak UK created the opening of the three pack formats, selectively weakening a specific layer of the film while ensuring no loss of barrier characteristics.

Wipak said that all three formats can be run on existing packaging machines and the laser-scored line can also be precisely registered to printed designs if required.

The new user-friendly range of packs are suitable for products ranging from dry snacks, cereals, oats and pasta, to rice, pulses, nuts, spices, seeds, grains, mixed fruit and even pet food.



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