Worldwide Dispensers Develops A New Tamper Evident Screw Cap Adapter for Bag-in-Box

24 October 2017

Worldwide Dispensers Europe, part of DS Smith, Plastics Division, has developed a new screw cap adapter for Bag-in-Box packaging with an external tamper evident ring.

The new Bag-in-Box fitment has been designed to deliver a premium customer experience, replacing previous system with an inner pull-off membrane. The external tamper evident ring is now visible from all angles, providing direct permanent evidence of initial opening.

The existing type of Bag-in-Box pull out screw cap adapters end up with a loose ring in the operator’s hand and carries the risk of falling off into the product itself rather than being placed into the trash. In the new screw cap adapter for Bag-in-Box, the ring is retained on the fitment preventing any risk of product contamination.

Due to the improved mechanism of the adapter, it also offers better tightness (up to 10psi) and thus less probability of leakage to ensure product safety and integrity. Worldwide Dispensers’ new screw cap adapter for Bag-in-Box can be irradiated, which allows extending the shelf life of aseptic filled products. Additionally, the outer shell of the tap is designed to provide effortless opening and easy resealing.

Worldwide DispensersTM tamper evident screw cap adapter is designed to fit all Bag-in-Box formats and can be used with different types of plastics dispensing glands. The screw cap is available in blue and orange colors.

The adapter is rigorously tested for liquid food and industrial applications and complies with the requirements of the food packaging regulations of EU and the USA. The assembly of the product is conducted on an automatic assembly machine with 100% inline leak test and torque-controlled screwing unit.

Polymers and pigments containing heavy metals are not used by Worldwide DispensersTM and products comply with CONEG standards and EU Directive 94/62 EC (UK SI 1998 No.1165).