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Eco Friendly Paper Packaging
Profitable for Business!!
The paper packaging apart from all other sources of packing the food materials has also become a lot more popular among the many people because these are totally made up of wood or paper which seems to be very eco friendly as they’re easily recyclable and do not harm the eco system.
Featured Products
External food packaging
ANL Plastics - External food packaging
The material for external food packaging is chosen according to the customer's reference. Mostly PP, PS and PET are used. However, barrier films and co-extruded materials are also used in external food packaging. ANL Plastics undertakes external food packaging of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and catering requirements.
Center seal pouch
Neo Pack - Center seal pouch
Center seal pouches are general pouches which are extremely cost effective. Centre seal pouches used commonly are any size of pouch from 25 gm pack capacity to 3 kg capacity. These center seal pouches are convenient for packing Biscuits, spoons etc... These centre seal pouches we can give better marketing appeal to fixed shape products.
Cosmos Printers and Publishers
Cosmos Printers and Publishers - Offset Printing
Offset Printing is a commonly used printing technique wherein inked image is transferred from plate to rubber and then to the printing surface. Offset printing can also be undertaken in combination with Lithographic process based on repulsion of air and water principle. Offset Printing is considered as the cheapest mode of printing when compared to other methods.
Industry Updates
Benson Group Hosts International Packaging Group Meeting>
13th October, 2011
BARDON, England
The International Packaging Group (IPG) is a worldwide association of folding carton producers. A total of 28 members, including partners, visited the UK for this latest group conference.
Press Release
Global Polypropylene Industry - Strong Demand from Packaging Applications Driving the Growth
12th October, 2011
Polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics globally. The polymer finds applications in various sectors such as packaging, household appliances, automotive, construction,...
Events and Exhibition
MinnPack 2011
Nov 2nd - Nov 3rd 2011

Minneapolis Convention Center,
UBM Canon.
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