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Flexlink Systems
The New Generation Stainless Conveyors

The new generation stainless conveyors from FlexLink have been developed to meet the increasing requirements on capacity, total efficiency, system re-usability and cleanliness.

The platform of conveyors in stainless steel is available in three widths, 85, 180 and 300 mm which are suited for handling products in production and packaging lines within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and healthcare industry segments.

The capacity requirements for stainless conveyors are high – the 85 mm wide version has an upper speed level of 120 m/min and the wider versions can run up to 80 m/min. FlexLink has designed a robust stainless steel conveyor with a low noise, considerably lower than industry standards.

The modular design – from the individual component up to the complete conveyor – enables easy and accurate assembly and trouble-free modification of the conveyor system when there is a need to change the line layout. The modular design is also a driver for a high quality level.

Efforts have been made to make the stainless conveyors easy to clean – both the exterior as well as the interior are designed so that pockets for dirt or remaining water after cleaning are minimized.

Flexlink Systems
Knowledge Speaks
Face change of Packaging since 200 years

The past 200 years have seen the packaging evolve from a simple container for the product to becoming an important element of total product design – for example, the extension from packing tomato ketchup in glass bottles to squeezable multi-layer plastic bottles with oxygen barrier material for long shelf life. This is a complete chnage over from containers, bottles to pouches and sachets.


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