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Coven Egidio Snc
Coven Egidio Snc

Since 25 years , Coven Egidio Snc specialized in the production of crimping and filling machinery for perfume manufacturing, creating high quality and user-friendly products; from the simplest manual crimping tools up to automated filling crimping line.

Coven Egidio Snc provides with various productions include small manual counter machines and full automatic lines custom made for clients’ requirements. Coven guarantees its clients reliable and flexible technical assistance and product development, that’s why they are suppliers to small and big companies dealing with the perfumery industry, both nationally and internationally.

Recently, Coven Egidio Snc attended the Cosmoprof 2013 Event in Bologna, with respect to their last years successfull product promotion, this year too Coven Showcased its products:

SC10, pneumatic semiautomatic unit for cleaning glass bottles, which is small and handy and can be used anywhere as there’s no water involved, also, this device can be part of an automatic line, installed before the filling nozzles.

BC11 Bottle cleaner device washes perfume bottles before their use, it works with no involvement of electrical parts, this makes it safe to be used in any working environment.

VTC was designed based on the laboratory experience, used in many fields, Vacuum Test Chamber Vacuum Testing Device is used for checking liquid leaks after crimping.

CR12 is a pneumatic counter machine able to remove collars of standard dimensions from a crimped bottle without any damage to the bottle or to the pumps.

AV11, which screws down any glass or plastic bottle with screw tops, it is handy, versatile and of simple use.

Coven Egidio Snc is able to design and develop custom made solutions for any application, that’s when new products are developed and manufactured.

Knowledge Speaks
Digital Prototyping with Mechatronics

The trend towards effective multipurpose machines dramatically increases design complexity and forces different design groups to work closer together. In the design of a modern machine, every decision has a ripple effect throughout the design. If the mechanical team decides to change the material and therefore the weight of a mechanical component, it has an influence on the motor sizing or sometimes even on the type of motor needed to efficiently operate the machine. Improving team communication and collaboration between mechanical, electrical, and control engineers is crucial and tools that offer seamless integration and help them share data and information throughout all phases of the development cycle lead to vivid collaboration.

Industry Updates
Portable Sawmills Distribution Agreement Signed in Africa
KILWORTHY, Ontario, March 19, 2013
Norwood Sawmills, a leading global portable sawmill and forestry equipment manufacturer, is pleased to announce it has appointed Austro as its representative and distributor in South Africa and much of sub-Saharan Africa.
Press Releases
Multitest Deploys aPriori Product Cost Management Platform
March 19, 2013
aPriori, a provider of enterprise product cost management software solutions, today announced that Multitest, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of test equipment for integrated semiconductor chips, has selected...
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ProPak Vietnam 2012
Mar 20 2013 - Mar 22 2013

Saigon Exhibition and
Convention Center
Ho Chi Minh City
Bangkok Exhibition Services Ltd.
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