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Defining Packaging & Labeling with Visual Metaphors.

The omnipresent visual metaphor becomes very clear as it builds equity by creating a common reference point between two or more apparently unrelated subjects.
Consumer decisions are made based on the five senses, but it is the visual associations that we respond to much more quickly, such as icons, logos, identities, symbols, shapes, colors—all manner of visual imagery.
With metaphors having the ability to span two or more modes, such as language, visuals, sound, and gestures, the innumerous options are endless. They allow a brand to cross over into new categories and bring the consumer along with them through the use of commonly recognized elements. They allow a brand the freedom and flexibility to develop a platform for consumers to thinkbeyond the original/typical vocabulary and offer a range of possibilities previously not considered as a conscious reference point.

Featured Products
Food Packing Tray
Food Packing Tray
Sarvodaya is considered as one among the well-reckoned providers of Food packing tray to its customers. It is committed to offer the food packing try of superior quality. Sarvodaya offers wide range and variety of food packaging try applicable to food processing industry.
DV98 has two nozzles vacuum pneumatic filling machine, able to fill liquid in all different types of shape and capacity bottle. DV98 is pneumatically operated, no electrical parts are involved. Cost efficiency and minimum maintenance are main characteristics...
QX-830 Compact Industrial Laser Scanner
QX-830 Compact Industrial Laser Scanner
The QX-830 laser scanner from Microscan combines flexible connectivity with high performance decoding capabilities to reliably read 1D barcodes in almost any automation environment...
Pira Packaging Summit 2013
Industry Updates
U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for September 12
Thursday 12 Sep,2013
This was a day that didnt exist in Colonial America in 1752, as the familiar calendar underwent what is called the Gregorian correction, switching from the ancient Julian calendar to adjust for errors accumulated over centuries. After September 2nd, the next day was September 14th...
Press Releases
Students Create Clean Energy While Eliminating Plastics From Landfills
Thursday 12 Sep,2013
Inviroment has developed a new patent-pending compound called PlasTek™ that solves landfill space capacity problems by decomposing plastics in 12–36 months once sprayed onto garbage in a landfill – a process that would normally take thousands of years to occur. By means of methane gas capture...
Events and Exhibitions
Pack Expo
Sep 23 2013 - Sep 25 2013
Las Vegas Convention Center, USA

LabelExpo Europe 2013
Sep 24 2013 - Sep 27 2013
Brussels Expo, Brussels
Tarsus Group PLC
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