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Across Every Link of the Packaging Processing Industry Chain: 2016’s Mega 4-in-1 Packaging Expo Set for Dongguan

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

First in the global packaging market rankings, China has great prospects for development, with a market capacity of more than RMB 1 trillion (USD 158.2 billion). With large volumes of packaging data and corresponding technical content, the Chinese packaging industry still needs to improve in terms of technical content, equipment automation, intelligence and numerous other areas. How to overcome bottlenecks and enhance core competitiveness has become a key industry focus.

In order to promote technology development in China’s packaging industry, to improve the technical content of Chinese packaging equipment, and enhance communication within the industry, Reed Exhibitions will host SinoCorrugated South, SinoFoldingCarton, SinoFlexoGraphy and China Packaging Container at the GD Modern Exhibition Center in Houjie Town, Dongguan, from April 14 to April 16, 2016.

The combined events will integrate all kinds of local and international packaging science and technology resources, leading to packaging and printing technology innovation and development.

Potential-Rich Four Exhibitions in One to Usher in a New Era

Packaging of goods is a key step before they enter the market. Furthermore, packaging cannot be made without various kinds of packaging materials and machines. The consumption of China’s packaging products has matched that of global development in a fast-rising period. With the rapid expansion of the retail market, end user use of various types of packaging products is fast expanding.

To boost progress and development in the packaging industry, in 2016, two new competitive events, SinoFlexoGraphy and China Packaging Container will be introduced to the already successful SinoCorrugated South and SinoFoldingCarton.

This integration of the entire packaging manufacturing industry chain, through SinoFlexoGraphy and China Packaging Container, sees the debut of two new shows feature flexoprinting equipment technology and various material packaging containers, consumables and designs, including flexible packaging, labeling, end users and many other wide packaging manufacturing and application areas.

With its higher scale effect, the combined event will span a 67,000 sqm exhibition area, representing a comprehensive show focused on the entire packaging and printing industry. Locally and internationally renowned suppliers will showcase flexo printing equipment, and many packaging products made by packaging container machines. These will cover every kind of equipment, advanced technology, whole solutions and consumables, services, designs and many along the in entire packaging chain, in addition to manufacturing equipment, technology and consumables in the corrugated and folding carton industries.

The exhibitions will fully integrate multiple industry resources, thereby providing an all-in-one platform for trade, visiting, studying, investigating and networking. A greater number of buyers with big budgets and high purchasing intent will be onsite. These will include end users of food, commodities, and medicine packaging. Exhibitors will be well placed, therefore, to better understand market demand, secure orders, and break through trade bottlenecks.

Visitors will see more products, updated technologies, end users, comprehensive market trends and superior solutions to help researchers and purchasing decision makers keep up-to-date with industry information, follow development trends, network with industry peers, and develop business.

Four Collocated Exhibitions: A New Phase for Industry Development

After over 10 years of developing and innovating its converting events, Reed Exhibitions has integrated industry resources to meet the demands of major local and international users of packaging printing. In 2016, the event organizer will invite well-known enterprises, trade associations, and trade professionals to join SinoCorrugated South, SinoFoldingCarton, SinoFlexoGraphy and China Packaging Container. All events will feature a totally new look for Reed China’s packaging shows, and be held to a high standard.

SinoCorrugated South 2016 will be a trade show for corrugated equipment, consumables and technology in Asia-Pacific. The event will display corrugated, cardboard equipment and related consumables, driving development in the corrugated industry. SinoCorrugated South is an excellent platform on which to meet purchasing buyers, find business matches, expand into emerging fields, promote your brand and network with industry peers.

SinoFoldingCarton 2016 will focus on Asia’s post-print, high-end folding carton packaging printing enterprises to give exhibitors face-to-face communication opportunities with visitors that have big budgets and high purchasing intent. The event will help folding carton businesses assess demand, build their brands, break through bottlenecks and seize new opportunities within target markets.

SinoFlexoGraphy 2016 will give a wide range of green packaging professionals a more comprehensive understanding of new flexible printing equipment, technologies, and entire solutions in the process of green packaging to improve purchasing efficiency, upgrade production structures and boost production efficiency.

China Packaging Container 2016 will showcase packaging containers, materials and design services, including four sections: paper packaging containers, plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, and glass packaging containers. The event will enhance matchmaking by targeting invitations at over 5,000 packaging researchers, and purchasing decision makers from numerous industries for the packaging of food, beverages, commodities, medicines, digital, cloth, gifts and more.

The exhibits will span 67,000 sqm and include products from over 700 locally and internationally renowned exhibitors. Additionally, 200+ packaging containers, raw materials and design service suppliers will showcase over 1,400 units of corrugated, folding carton, flexo printing, and paper packaging manufacturing equipment, as well as over 1,000 kinds of consumables. An anticipated 33,000 local and international visitors, together with over 200 media and association delegates, will be on site. The event will be a supreme opportunity for China to present itself to the global paper packaging industry, showcasing its modern technologies, large scale and growing influence.

International Influence: Building a Prime Exhibition Platform

Reed Exhibitions consistently leverages modern and traditional media to promote events to important packaging markets across the world. This activity consistently attracts buyers and trade visitors en masse. With the full support of many local and international trade associations, 2016’s mega packaging event is set to scale new heights of excellence.

In preparation for the shows, Reed will send representatives to Turkey, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Spain and many other developed and emerging corrugated regions, to further promote the shows by attending important local meetings. During these outreach activities, the Reed delegates will collaborate with local industry associations, as well as equipment suppliers and corrugated box factories.

To the upcoming combined event, Reed will invite packaging and printing industry association leaders, elite enterprise representatives and others to Dongguan. Over 100 locally and internationally renowned trade associations will attend and support. Among them will be the ICCA, ACCA, TAPPI, AICC MEXICO, KCCA, AIFMP, CBMA, Vietnam Packaging Association, HKCPMA, TPICA, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, Huanan Packaging Federation, Shenzhen Packaging Technology Association and the Chongqing Packaging Association. Reed will also organize high-level purchasing delegations representing businesses to visit.

Additionally, Reed will continue to intensify the issuing of invitations to international visitors by engaging over 10 international call centers in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Middle East, South America, North America and Beijing. These call centers will understand local markets and use that knowledge to invite local visitors and ensure a high quality standard of attendee. For exhibitors, the shows will be the ideal platform on which to expand global market share, and maximize the return on their participating investment.

The combined exhibitions, together with the inclusion of industry elites and the participation of corrugated professionals, will elevate the shows and place participants in position to reap lasting rewards from this exercise in the future.

Although industry development is restricted by many factors, progressive development trends remain. China’s packaging industry continues to advance and innovate. The combined exhibitions, which will boost industry innovation, will highlight the latest information, advanced equipment and leading theories in China. All this will serve to drive the country forward.

For more information, visit the official SinoCorrugated South 2016 website:

About Reed Exhibitions Greater China

Reed Exhibitions Greater China is an affiliate of Reed Exhibitions, which has over 3,700 employees worldwide. Globally, Reed organizes over 500 exhibitions and conferences in 43 countries each year, serving 43 industries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa. In 2014, Reed attracted over 7 million participants from around the world to its events, helping customers to complete transactions worth billions of dollars. Reed Exhibitions is a member of the RELX Group, a provider of professional information and work process programs. The RELX Group’s businesses cover science, medicine, law, risk control and various B2B business fields.

Over 30 years of rapid development, Reed Exhibitions Greater China has grown into China's foremost exhibition organizer, with nine outstanding member companies today: Reed Expo China, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibitions, Reed Huaqun Exhibitions, Shanghai Lixin Exhibitions, Beijing Read Expo Guanghe Exhibitions, Reed Huabai Exhibitions, Henan Reed Expo Hongda Exhibitions, and Reed Expo China Kuozhan.

Currently, Reed Exhibitions Greater China has over 500 employees serving 12 fields: electronics manufacturing and assembly; machine tools, metal processing and industrial materials; packaging; life sciences and medicine, health-care, beauty and cosmetics, leisure sports, gifts and home furnishings; automotive aftermarket; lifestyle; lottery; publishing; real estate and tourism; marine, energy, oil and natural gas; and broadcasting, television, music and entertainment.

In 2014, Reed Exhibitions Greater China hosted 50+ exhibitions, which attracted over one million visitors and over 40,000 exhibitor representatives. At our events, over 30,000 suppliers took part, occupying booth space totaling over 1.6 million sqm.

About SinoCorrugated South

SinoCorrugated South 2016 is an Asia-Pacific professional trade show for corrugated equipment, consumables, and technologies, displaying cutting-edge corrugated box, cardboard manufacturing equipment, and related consumables. The exhibition will bring together more than 33,000 professional buyers, including nearly 4,000 high quality international buyers from India, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, South Africa and many other corrugated box emerging areas, with agents from over 100 countries. Experiencing over 10 years development, accumulating and updating more than 100,000 global corrugated industry data, collaborating with many local and international associations, SinoCorrugated South ensures that information dissemination of the shows and exhibitors is accurate and wide covering. Reed’s specific TAP program locks core buyers’ demand to help business matching between exhibitors and global high quality purchasing enterprises, realizing the breakthrough of the trading bottlenecks!

SinoCorrugated South 2016 will run concurrent to SinoFoldingCarton 2016, SinoFlexoGraphy 2016 and China Packaging Container, covering the entire packaging processing industry chain with its higher scale and multiplier effects.

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