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The ONLY packaging event to focus on beverage packaging: Canadean Beverage Packaging Congress 2015

Friday, Jul 03, 2015

As the only packaging event to focus on beverage packaging alone, the Canadean Beverage Packaging Congress provides a rare opportunity for every step of the beverage packaging supply chain, from materials, convertors and designers, to vendors and brand owners, and every link in between.

The conference is set to host an exceptional line-up of high-calibre speakers in the wonderful European setting of Brussels, Belgium, from 27th – 28th October 2015. Here, delegates and speakers alike will be participating in panel discussions, roundtables and case studies, centred around how to reconnect with the millennial consumer, how to do so without skimping on sustainability values, and the exploration of experiential, disruptive packaging.

Unlike any other event in this sector, the Canadean Beverage Packaging Congress will be an intimate forum of elite-quality individuals, from companies of both global and smaller scales. Talk with peers about the new EU circular economy propositions, and found partnerships with brands who share your initiatives and beliefs.

It is possible to register now for the event; provide this unique reference code: MK-YH-PR

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