The collaboration between ZUMEX and DS Smith Tecnicarton improves the transport of parts for juicers

27 October 2017

Tecnicarton, a leader in industrial packaging innovation, and ZUMEX, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for fruit and vegetable squeezing, have created a solution that perfectly protects parts and facilitates handling by operators

The collaboration between DS Smith Tecnicarton and ZUMEX has made it possible to improve a transport system for crankcases in juicer crankcases.

The main improvements provided by this packaging are aimed at ergonomics, improving mobility for employees, protecting parts and optimising space, as up to 12 crankcases can be transported per package.

Like all machines, the famous ZUMEX juicers, located in hundreds of stores around the world, have a crankcase, a metal case that houses the engine's operating mechanism elements.

These pieces are metallic and, until now, ZUMEX moved them between plants with metallic constructions that, with the rubbing, damaged the painting.

With DS Smith Tecnicarton's collaboration, the solution provided is a Tecnikit with foam conditioning that protects these parts. This conditioning is placed horizontally between parts and prevents the crankcases from damaging each other.

It is important to point out that this packaging moves through a flow between plants, transporting the pieces from their production to their final incorporation in the machine.

It is therefore a returnable packaging, which has to transport and protect delicate, painted pieces of considerable weight - approximately 25 kilograms per piece - and a high price.

ZUMEX's advantages with the use of this product are the advantages of a multi-material packaging that allows transporting up to 12 pieces. Each container is stackable and when empty, the packaging can be folded up and save storage space.

For ZUMEX Production and Warehouse Manager "The partnership with DS Smith Tecnicarton has been a success because it offers us greater ease of transport between warehouses, and improves the protection of a delicate and expensive part".

For his part, Antonio Cebrián, director of marketing at DS Smith Tecnicarton has confirmed that "this project is an example of how our company is specialized in offering solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. And we believe that we can improve any industrial packaging system, thanks to the number of projects we manage and the accumulated experience that these projects provide.