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HUBER Packaging Group successfully concludes acquisition of the Chemical-Technical Tinplate Packaging Activities of CROWN

Thursday, Apr 02, 2015

The family-run HUBER Packaging Group from Ohringen in Germany has successfully concluded the acquisition of the CROWN chemical-technical tinplate packaging facilities in Switzerland (Aesch), Finland (Helsinki), Great Britain (Liverpool), and France (Rouen). HUBER announced today that all the requisite approvals are in place. As such the closing of the transaction announced in late 2014 has now officially taken place. Both parties have agreed not to disclose information about financial details and purchase price.

With this acquisition HUBER, is expanding its market share in its core business sector in Europe and establishing market access to fields in which the company has not yet been active. Internal teams of experts will now work on concrete steps to integrate the new locations.

For HUBER the acquisitions represent an important milestone in the strategic development of the company. HUBER is strengthening its core business and laying the foundations for further growth. Furthermore, with the new hub in Switzerland HUBER is putting the conditions in place for establishing a competence center for plastic as a second mainstay for the Group that will be viable in the future.

Thomas H. Hagen, CEO of the HUBER Packaging Group explained: "With this acquisition we are creating an even more efficient platform for our customers. We are actively pushing ahead with the consolidation of the European tinplate packaging market and with the competence center in Switzerland are creating a second mainstay that will be viable in the future. All the locations will benefit from this. We extend a very warm official welcome to our new colleagues in the HUBER family. We are convinced that with their work profile the new facilities will fit in ideally with us. Within the network we are providing each location with an opportunity to contribute and indeed build up its strengths as a local unit with good access to the market. Joint teams will now prepare the next steps in the integration process. The values and principles which have distinguished the family-run company HUBER for 140 years now, and whose focus is the workforce, lead the way. The backing and the support given by the owning families and the Advisory Board - not only in the case of this acquisition and internationalization - are a factor in the success of HUBER and an important guarantee of stability".

About HUBER  Packaging:

The family-run HUBER Packaging Group produces tinplate packaging for food, paint, and chemical products. In the BEVERAGE sector HUBER is specialized in the manufacture of party kegs, and is the global market leader in this segment. The Group is headquartered in the city of Oehringen in Baden-Württemberg. HUBER employs some 700 members of staff at four locations in Germany, Austria and Hungary. HUBER reported sales of approx. 142 million Euros in 2013.  

With its new structure, HUBER will from today's point of view in future have a payroll of some 1,150 staff at its eight hubs and emerges as the clear no. 2 in the European market (INDUSTRIAL). Sales turnover for 2014 will from today's viewpoint be in the order of EUR 230 million for the new organization.  

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Head of Marketing and Public Relations
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