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Landaal Packaging Systems to Unveil “Game Changing” Snack Display Retail Merchandiser at GlobalShop 2015

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Landaal Packaging Systems will reveal the newest evolution of their POPTECH-branded automatic assembling displays at GlobalShop in March, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV - the world's largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing.

“Time is money,” and this new quarter pallet sized snack display merchandiser setup time is reduced from as long as ten minutes down to an astounding FIVE seconds!

“This new system will be of great value to any organization who utilizes merchandisers to fill their in-store stock” says Terry Choate, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Landaal Packaging Systems of Burton, Michigan. “We have all witnessed quarter pallet displays that take several minutes to assemble. Simplifying this was our objective in 2014 and we have hit a HOME-RUN with this new and revolutionary design.”

The automatic assembly system is a perfect fit for any snack food manufacturer. This patent pending point of purchase display ensures that the display can quickly be set up and easily stocked by the merchandising staff.

“The benefits are clear. The faster and therefore easier the display is to assemble, the higher the in store compliance rate and return on investment will be,” says Choate. “You’ll find no display easier to assemble in the marketplace today and no better display for your merchandise.”

Landaal already owns the rights to 11 automatic assembly display patents within the United States, all of which assemble in a retail environment in seconds.    

Landaal Packaging Systems is an industry leader in corrugated, point of purchase, contract packaging, sustainable products and fulfillment services. The company owns the U.S. rights to the patented POPTECH technology which allows them to offer the quickest assembly time on the market.

As a community-minded and family-owned business, Landaal Packaging Systems stands committed to its tradition of consistent, reliable, and forward-thinking customer service.



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