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LUXEPACK SHANGHAI debuts the “LUXE PACK trends incubator”, at the forefront of the future packaging trends of China

Thursday, Mar 24, 2016

In 2016, LUXEPACK Shanghai partners for the first time with a design agency, CENTDEGRES. They associate their expertise to launch a ground-breaking experience: the LUXE PACK trends incubator.

The “LUXE PACK trends incubator by CENTDEGRES” is a place dedicated to create the future packaging trends of China, through 2 meeting points: the “Mix and Match Wall” and the ”Fragrance Retrospective”.

Through an artistic installation, LUXE PACK offers to visitors a key to the future of China: the successful encounter of Chinese legacy, global trends and new leading market segments.

These 3 major trends will be illustrated through 16 topics where exhibitors will play a key role, providing their expertise in glass, paper, porcelain, wood, metal…

This multi-sensorial space plays both the roles of trend spotter and accelerator. At the LUXE PACK trends incubator, the most promising thematics to explore in China have been selected, and the visitor will be guided to turn them into real trends adapted to their business.

Inspired by CENTDEGRES creation methods, the visitors will be invited to play a Mix & Match game with the various thematics to invent the future trends of China. One thematic, associated to another one, magically gives life to new ideas!

A new area will also be introduced this year: the “Fragrance Retrospective”. At a time where the perfume market is booming in China, the “Fragrance Retrospective” will offer a real journey through time and though packaging innovation which have impacted the fragrance market worldwide.

Two new areas launched in partnership with CENTDEGRES design agency to provide real insights to creative brands based or developing in China…

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CHINA: Jenny YAO - Tel: 021-51692006-830

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