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Sulzer Mixpac: Packaging System wins CPhI Pharma Award

Friday, Nov 20, 2015

In October 2015 in Madrid, Sulzer Mixpac won the international CPhl Pharma Award 2015 in the category “Innovation in Packaging” for its MIXPAC™ packaging and application system. The Swiss company, one of the technology leaders for application systems in healthcare, developed the modular MIXPAC Barrel system. This is a new one- and two-component packaging system for dispensing liquid substances. Daniel Strasser, Global Market Management Healthcare at Sulzer, summarized the jury’s decision as follows: “MIXPAC Barrel is setting new standards in user convenience, handling ability, costs and logistics.” The system consists of two principal components: a pre-filled polymer barrel and a modular system of compatible applicators for various routes of administration. “The barrel offers pharmaceutical manufacturers optimal barrier properties, exceptional flexibility, and safety in application,” explains Daniel Strasser. It protects the sensitive liquid contents and is used for pharmaceutical applications in human and veterinary medicine.

Saves storage space, simplifies administration

The container, called “Barrel” is available in packaging sizes from 0.2 to 5 mL, is made of nearly glass-equivalent COC Co-Polymer materials. Its environment-friendly packaging causes less waste than glass bottles and can be manufactured at a lower cost. “After filling, our primary packaging is sealed with a multilayer film. It achieves outstanding ratings in terms of vapor and oxygen permeability and is much more durable,” explains Josef Ettlin, Head Innovation of Sulzer, and adds: “The intelligent and ergonomically proven applicator systems ensure simpler and very efficient dispensing of its contents.” The advantage of separating the container and its application system is that filling and assembly can occur at different places. Thus, the delivery chain remains flexible.

Focus on patient care

Seventy companies in seven categories participated in the top-class international competition held for the 12th Pharma Award, which received the highest number of applications registered ever. Sulzer, a newcomer in pharmaceutical packaging systems, has been able to prepare together with Daniel Ferrari, Head Market Segment Healthcare a groundbreaking modular design in just two years.

“The MIXPAC Barrel system is setting new milestones in user-friendliness. Qualified staff can concentrate fully on patient care because the Barrel packaging and application system simplifies the administration process very significantly,” says the Sulzer Healthcare team in their summary.

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