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Pooki’s Mahi’s Extends Partnership with Salazar Packaging to Redesign Packaging for Original 100% Kona Coffee Single Serves for K-cup Brewers

Monday, Jun 01, 2015

Pooki’s Mahi announced today a partnership with leading environmentally packaging firm, Salazar Packaging to transition the original standup pouches to the Frustration-Free® packaging for the original 100% Kona coffee single serves for K-cup® brewers. No date to when the new packaging will be available.

“One of Pooki’s Mahi’s goals is to minimize Pooki’s Mahi’s environment footprint by designing reusable packaging that is landfill ready, biodegradable and recyclable. The original standup pouches were easy to pack; however it added additional costs and packaging when Pooki’s Mahi’s 100% Kona coffee single serves were shipped to the customer. We extended the partnership with Salazar Packaging because they are the leading environmentally friendly packaging designer and supplier. Salazar Packaging designed packaging for the new environmentally friendly single serves that earned Frustration-Free® and Ecommerce Packaging certification,” says Pooki’s Mahi’s Founder/CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller

Les explains, “We weren’t looking for a packaging supplier that created the outside marketing text for a box; we were looking for a partner that provided expert guidance on designing packaging that is structurally sound that can stand potential shipping damages. As a startup environmentally friendly packaging can be costly. Salazar Packaging and Globe Products helped Pooki’s Mahi achieved our target material cost in the tight schedule without sacrificing quality.”

Pooki’s Mahi’s new environmentally friendly packaging is:
    Easy to open
    100% recyclable and less packaging waste
    Protects Pooki’s Mahi’s 100% Kona coffee single serves for K-cup® brewers from shipping damages.
    Suited for Pooki’s Mahi’s ecommerce core business; it issued as the original shipping package
    Represents a 99% cost savings compared to the current packaging that uses existing boxes and a 4mm standup pouch.
    Suited for pallets.

Pooki’s Mahi’s non-ECO friendly single serve coffees that debuted at 2014 Honoring the Emmys® are impacted:

1. 100% Kona coffee Single Serves for K-cup Brewers®: Medium roast, a low acid coffee that doesn’t give a big “bite” with a complex and smooth flavor.
2.100% Kona Decaf coffee Single Serves for K-cup® Brewers: Medium roast that is not too strong. Decaffeinated process using Swiss Water Decaf process.

For use in the Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing system. Pooki's Mahi is not affiliated with Keurig, Inc. Keurig® and K-Cup® are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc.

Frustration-Free Packaging® are registered trademarks of Amazon, LLC.

The Academy Awards ® is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®. The Gift Suites where Pooki’s Mahi’s products are show cased are not authorized by and is not associated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, The Academy Awards®, or any of its official partners or vendors.

About Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products:

Salazar Packaging was founded in 2007 by packaging industry veterans Lenora and Dennis Salazar. The company helps customers make informed decisions about their primary and secondary packaging. Whether it is a retail paperboard container, a custom printed shipping box, or a customer printed bag designed for rack display, Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products have the expertise to help customers accomplish the objective at the lowest possible cost.

For more information or a free confidential quote contact Dennis Salazar at Dennis(at) or +1.815.609.3600.

About Pooki’s Mahi:

Pooki’s Mahi is a Silicon Valley-based etailer offering exotic 100% Kona coffees K-cups®, award-winning teas, and other specialty food products at reasonable prices. Since its online launch in 2013, Pooki’s Mahi products have been a favorite of customers, charities, celebrities and athletes and have been featured at red carpet events including Celebrity Gift Suites and Celebrity Poker tournaments. The products have been endorsed by many celebrities and athletes and seen on several television shows.

For more information on Pooki’s Mahi selection of 100% Kona coffees, award-winning teas, wholesale or to participate in the private label pilot, visit To keep up with Pooki’s Mahi news an access special offers, join our email list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@pookismahi). Pooki’s Mahi has a zero tolerance stop cyber-bullying policy.

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