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Regionality introduces ARMANNI, an Italian manufactured Lifting & handling machinery with a diverse product range

Wednesday, Dec 09, 2015

Regionality is a company based in Dubai which has recently launched a regional distributorship for Armanni Carelli Elevatori, an established Italian manufacturer of quality lifting & handling solutions.

The team at Regionality possess necessary expertise to determine the needs of clients along with their collective experience in Supply Chain management in the region.

Armanni has a global presence and provides standard and customized solutions for their client’s business activities. Their products cater to various industries including Logistics providers, manufacturing facilities, hospitality industry, Oil and Gas industries and many more. The growing Logistics and Manufacturing industry in the Middle East is a key segment for Armanni products and Regionality provides dedicated customer service, after sales support and technical expertise required to support these clients in their need to enhance their handling solutions.

The products are also customizable on demand and tailor made solutions are also provided as we realize some clients have unique aspects in their daily production which needs to be addressed in a timely and professional manner. The products are manufactured entirely in Italy under a strict quality control program to ensure long lasting solutions and reduce overall maintenance cost.

Armanni works to provide products that are cost effective and worthwhile, features that can be explored further by visitors at OPMEX 2016.

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