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New to Australia: Robotic Tank Inspection Technology

Thursday, Mar 05, 2015

Increase safety, reduce risk & improve the accuracy of tank inspections

What is it?

Climbing robot technology that provides remote access, to view the interior surface of your tank. It captures high definition video to identify surface cracks, fatigue or maintenance requirements.

Which industries benefit from this technology?

Any industry that uses tanks for liquid storage may benefit from using this technology. This system was originally developed for the dairy industry and is particularly suited to food-based products, consumables, pharmaceuticals or any products with hygiene requirements.

The robotic technology supports asset management programs; offering a visibility solution to maintain sanitary conditions and the structural integrity of your tank.

How does it work?

The robot features sliding vacuum pads and a Hi-Grip caterpillar track and is computer controlled to move up, down and around the interior tank surface, adapting to different surface conditions.

The camera system captures and records high definition video footage of the tank surface, to identify cracks or any maintenance concerns.

What is it replacing? continued
It reduces the number of contractors required to conduct a manual tank inspection, as only one controller is required.

The robot does all the work, removing the need for individuals to work at height or within confined spaces to conduct inspections.

It replaces the possibility of multiple inspections. The video footage provides an accurate assessment of the interior surface; allows playback or reassessment of potential problems; and removes the potential for human error.

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